First time gay sex with handsome great cocksucker

This story is a work of fiction, and simply a fantasy for your pleasure (Billy if you really are out there I want to know..LOL!). I love to hear from my readers. It is so great to get feedback and connect with people with like interests of all genders. Enjoy!
Mary came into my office and said, “Come on sad sack tonight we are going out on the town. I need a wing-man and you need to get a life!”
She was right. Mary has been my friend since art school. In fact she got me this job at the magazine as staff photographer. She knew I had been down in the dumps since my break-up with my old girl friend, Lauren. Lauren had been my first true relationship since my divorce, and at 38 I was starting to think I was a completely hopeless.
So I agreed and we met at a little bistro for a quick bite before we headed out for the evening. Mary is my best friend, we can talk about anything, and because she is a Lesbian there is no sexual tension between us. We are both interested in girls and she brings a female perspective to the situation. She had not been in a relationship for several months and she made it clear that tonight she intended to “get-some.” My wing-man position tonight was clear, but I was happy to tag along and have a few drinks and meet some new adorable teen boys and sexy girls. I wasn’t expecting much out of the nights activities.